We build category-leading software which unifies disparate data, enabling VC firms to evaluate founder potential against financial performance.

Comprehensive Founding Team Insights

Measure and analyze the potential impact of founders on fund performance from any and all data sources to create complete fund transparency.

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Our Approach to Working With Funds

We combine various data sources related to founder diligence and apply ML-based technology to enrich the dataset throughout the investment lifecycle.

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Blog, Research and LEON Insights

Measure founders and teams against industry peers,  revealing the correlation between high performance and financial KPIs for enhanced growth.

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Powering investment decision making — from early-stage to PE.

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Introducing LEON, the worlds first ontology-powered Founder Potential Platform®.

Now more than ever, investors and organizations need to comprehend the balance between founder contributions and sustainable growth in their investments. At LEON, we are committed to delivering in-depth insights on founder dynamics, customized to the distinct requirements of our diverse clientele, including Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, and Human Capital Consultants.

Our mission is to empower you to quantify founder potential throughout your entire portfolio or company, demonstrating the quantitative influence of these factors on financial performance. Together, let's maximize your investments' potential by recognizing and fostering the unique capabilities of founders, driving long-term success and stability.

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Leverage the power of founder potential insights throughout the investment lifecycle.

"There has never been a platform that assesses the potential of success for founders much like the one the team at LEON has built."

Cindy Gordon
Chief People Officer, Carta.

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