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Access proprietary technology and evidence based methodologies on understanding founder and team potential before a investing.
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The insights you need to pull ahead
Founder Potential Quantification empowers VCs to make data-driven decisions, enhancing their ability to identify high-potential founders and startups.
The data you need to diversify
By enabling the identification of diverse founder capabilities, Founder Potential Quantification aids VC firms in diversifying their investments, leading to potentially higher returns.
The research you need to de-risk
Founder Potential Quantification provides risk management by providing VCs with an understanding of founders' capabilities, which can help predict their startups' potential success.
"The diligence required to understand the impact of a founding team is more significant than ever and it would be silly to try to do it without a team like LEONVC."
Cindy Gordon
Chief People Officer, Carta

Powerful research and unmatched insights built on best-in-class data

Created in the world of sports science, perfected in venture capital.
Ten years ago, we set out to redefine founder potential assessment, moving away from traditional, biased methods like gut-feel and founder interviews. With over 150 clients and 3 million data points, we've achieved this goal at LEONVC. Our team, a network of diverse experts from sports science, medicine, and data science, is united by a commitment to enhancing founder and fund performance.
Founder diligence
Understanding founder potential is a strategic priority

LEONVC opens up the black box of founder potential to give you a more nuanced, intuitive, and quantified perspective when assessing founding teams during diligence.

Our Founder Potential Diagnostic is the first of its kind to be correlated with MOIC in over 150 early-stage funds and 3000+ founders.

Team diligence
Better teams bring better returns

More than ever, investors need to understand the sustainability of investments and growth.

At LEONVC, we offer a broad range of Organizational Health insights, allowing you to quantify people risks across your entire portfolio, either during diligence or throughout the lifecycle of your investments.

Our services for venture funds

Our service modules are designed to be seamlessly combined
to offer you a strategic, tailor-made program.

Over 500 companies including KPMG, Gong, Refine Labs, and Morgan Lewis use LEON’s products to measure and automate engagement and well-being efforts. LEON’s Insight® product is an industry leading always on, always learning diagnostic tool. And Perform® is your go-to Wellness Intelligence® software and expertise.

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