See what's coming next with LEONVC
We give you an edge from the very beginning. Leveraging data-centric due-diligence, and powerful benchmarks, we ensure you're ahead in the game.
Understand company sentiment
Deeply understand investment risk before investing with our easy to implement and fully integrated diligence tool.
Highlight the high-performers
We help you figure out who the high-performers are, and how impactful they are to the success of your investment.
Predict turnover risks
Using historical and integrated data sets, we can help you understand attrition risks associated with employee engagement, DE&I and mental health.
"The diligence required to understand the impact of a founding team is more significant than ever and it would be silly to try to do it without a team like LEONVC."
Cindy Gordon
Chief People Officer, Carta
Meaningful company data for
every investment decision
More than ever, investors and organizations need to understand the sustainability of investments and growth. At LEONVC, we offer a broad range of Organizational Health insights, allowing you to quantify people risks across your entire portfolio
Full organizational health visibility before investing

Measure and analyze your portfolios complete Organizational Health profile from any and all data sources to create complete transparency.

Measure, compare, invest

Benchmark Organizational Health against your industry or regional peers and see the quantitative impact of Organizational Health against financial performance.

Harness the power of collective intelligence

We integrate with a 100+ technology platforms such as Salesforce, Culture Amp, Lattice, Hubspot and beyond. This multi-stakeholder approach provides investors with a holistic, outside-in perspective of risks at a potential investment, facilitating deeper analysis and smarter diligence.

Become a data driven investor today.
Gain access to the founder data and company analytics tools you need. Our award-winning software combines the power of data science with cutting-edge technologies to help investment professionals derive actionable insights before investing in a startup.
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