As a team, we’re determined to help investors solve the most complex founder potential challenges using data. Technology/Founder Potential is our expertise, data is our guide, and action is our output.

Rigorous Research & Advanced Methodologies

We are dedicated to research and refined methodologies, offering relevant, actionable insights tailored to your specific investment needs.

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Cutting-Edge Technologies & Industry Expertise

We utilize innovative technologies, such as NLP and machine learning, with industry expertise for precise, context-driven founder potential insights.

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Secure & Responsible Data Use

Our commitment to upholding ethical standards in data handling ensures your founder information remains protected and responsibly used.

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Developed in the world of sports science, perfected in high-performing organizations.

Fifteen years ago, we challenged ourselves to go beyond traditional components, like culture and engagement, and to measure founder potential in a more holistic way.

500+ clients and 30+ million data points later, we‘re doing just that. The diverse professionals at LEON all share a passion for better life and better performance. We form a network of leading experts ranging from sports science and medical professionals to leading Organizational Health data-scientists.

Ketan Seetha

Managing Partner

Bryan Smith

Managing Partner

Justin Gurtz

VP of Product

Elibetsy Herrera-Chong

VP of Engineering

Hemanshu Patel


Jocelyn Tsai

VP of Operations

Bryan Elsesser


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