Return on investment is never just capital
Enhance your due-diligence process with LEONVC, the go-to platform for in-depth founder potential insights and continuous team evaluations and monitoring for venture capital firms.
Quantify founders before investing
Measure and analyze the potential impact of founders on fund performance from any and all data sources to create complete fund transparency.
Understand investment risks overtime
We combine various data sources related to founder diligence and apply AI-based technology to enrich the dataset throughout the investment lifecycle.
Benchmark against industry peers
Measure founders and teams against industry peers,  revealing the correlation between high performance and financial KPIs for enhanced growth.
"Why wouldn't you want know more about founders before investing in them?"
Bradford Wilkins
Senior Partner, Braven
The only founder assessment correlated against MOIC
The Founder Potential Diagnostic is the first of its kind to be correlated with MOIC in over 150 early-stage funds and 2000+ founders.
Quantify founder potential in three minutes

In less than three minutes to complete, you can get a holistic profile of a founder and see how they compare to other founders in the space.

Bring accuracy and objectivity to investing

Utilize data and evidence-based practice to enable a more reliable evaluations of founders.

Identify the outliers - faster

Identify founders with the highest potential for long-term success by understanding the factors influencing founder performance.

It's not a yes. It's not a no. It's a maybe

Stretching but not ready to run? Interested but not sold? Curious but still skeptical? All good. Just hit that link down below and request your own Founder Potential Diagnostic.

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Identify your insights for success.
Our data outcomes are leading indicators of a founders ability to achieve sustained success. It measures founder potential based on our six primary proprietary effectiveness outcomes and over twenty-eight individual leadership insights.
One powerful, always evolving diagnostic
Our model compares the your founders to our database of 3000+ organizations. It is an accurate predictor of a founders future performance potential.
Six primary founder outcomes
Every founder can be measured against the 6 most critical outcomes. These outcomes comprise both the “soft” and “hard” elements of a founders personality profile.
Twenty-eight leadership insights
We measures not only where you a founder is at now, but we also help you determine what to do next. Our leadership insights help you identify which behaviors matter most for your investment.
"The diligence required to understand the impact of a founding team is more significant than ever and it would be silly to try to do it without a team like LEONVC."
Cindy Gordon
Chief People Officer, Carta
Become a data driven investor today.
Gain access to the founder data and company analytics tools you need. Our award-winning software combines the power of data science with cutting-edge technologies to help investment professionals derive actionable insights before investing in a startup.
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