Enhance your due-diligence process with LEON, the go-to platform for in-depth founder potential insights, continuous evaluation, and monitoring for private equity and venture capital firms.

Advanced analytics for better investment and business decisions using the first ever, Founder Potential Platform®.

LEON's platform seamlessly integrates a diverse range of data sources, encompassing historical founder data, interviews, and our proprietary High-Impact Founder Diagnostic, then employs AI-based technology to continually enrich the dataset over time.

This helps VC and PE firms benchmark portfolio and company performance, and to see the quantitative impact of founder potential on financial performance.
"There has never been a platform that assesses the potential of success for founders much like the one the team at LEON has built."
Cindy Gordon
Chief People Officer, Carta.

In-Depth Founder Potential Analysis

Our platform offers comprehensive analysis and comparison of key founder success metrics against industry and regional peers. This enables clients to understand how their investments perform in various dimensions of founder potential, such as leadership capabilities, adaptability, and resilience, relative to other companies in their market.

By identifying strengths and areas for improvement, clients can make targeted decisions to boost the overall success potential of their investments.

Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Machine Learning-Powered Data Integrations

Seamlessly integrate diverse data sources, including historical founder data and interviews, our own High-Impact Founder Diagnostic, and industry expertise, for a holistic view of investments' founder potential.

By utilizing advanced ML algorithms, we can efficiently process and analyze large volumes of data, ensuring that clients have access to a comprehensive and accurate understanding of their investments. This empowers funds to make data-driven decisions based on a complete picture of founder potential.

Predictive Insights and Advanced Analytics

Leverage cutting-edge analytics capabilities to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities that can optimize investment strategies and drive long-term success

By using machine learning and other advanced analytical techniques, we can uncover hidden relationships within the data and predict potential outcomes. This enables funds to proactively address potential risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities, resulting in more effective and strategic investment decisions.

Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Customizable Dashboard and Reporting

Our user-friendly platform offers a customizable dashboard and reporting system that allows clients to visualize data, monitor real-time updates, and generate actionable recommendations for strategic decision-making.

By tailoring the dashboard to their specific needs and preferences, clients can quickly access the most relevant and meaningful insights to inform their investment strategies. Additionally, our platform's reporting capabilities enable clients to share their findings with stakeholders, ensuring that everyone involved in the decision-making process has access to the critical information they need to drive success.

Platform FAQ

LEON opens up the black box of founder diligence, providing a sophisticated, insightful, and data-driven perspective on its influence on your investments' fund performance.

How does LEON connect founder potential to fund IRR and other growth metrics?

LEON's platform discerns relationships between founder potential metrics and essential investment performance indicators, such as fund IRR and growth metrics. By examining these correlations, our platform assists investors in comprehending the impact of founder potential on investment performance, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Can LEON's insights help improve investment performance over time?

Yes, LEON's insights can facilitate ongoing enhancement in investment performance by delivering actionable recommendations based on founder potential metrics. By addressing areas of concern and capitalizing on strengths, investors can optimize their strategies and drive long-term success.

How can LEON's insights be used to inform investment decisions during the due diligence process?

LEON's insights into founder potential can aid investors in pinpointing potential risks and opportunities during the due diligence process. This empowers them to make better-informed investment decisions, tackle areas of concern, and concentrate on companies with promising founder potential, ultimately contributing to enhanced investment performance.

Can LEON help benchmark founder potential against industry standards?

Yes, LEON can help benchmark founder potential against industry and regional peers, offering valuable context for investors to pinpoint areas for improvement and adopt best practices. This can result in more strategic investment decisions and contribute to better overall performance.

How does LEON quantify founder potential during the due diligence process?

During the due diligence process, LEON quantifies founder potential by integrating diverse data sources, such as founder assessments (including our own "High Impact Founder score", experience, skills, and other relevant factors. We apply advanced analytics and AI-powered techniques to analyze this data, providing a comprehensive understanding of a company's founder potential and identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

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