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We are an underground community of ambitious founders striving to become mavericks and trailblazers in their industries.

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LVC/LABS is the founder community you have been looking for.

Don’t go it alone.
That’s scary!
Grow with community.
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We’re super-powering the founders your VC told you not to worry about.

Our goal is to shrink the massive distance between the early-stage founder, and the world of venture capital, allowing for a safe place where education, good conversation and a meshing of perspectives can happen organically

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LVC/LABS isn’t just a VC. We’re a one stop shop for entrepreneurs hungry for educational content you can’t find anywhere else. You won’t find it on Linkedin or Medium or some weekly newsletter. Nope. It lives here and here alone.

  • Access hundreds of Founder frameworks on grit, burnout, stress, diversity, pitch decks, adaptability and more
  • Learn from monthly self-paced courses to execute the frameworks
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  • Join in monthly AMAs w/ VCs, founders, and execs
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  • But mostly, feel less isolated with our community designed to help you win
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"LVC/LABS is like a brain gym for founders. I've had more 'aha moments' here than anywhere else, all while having a great time with like-minded folks."

Cindy Gordon - Cheif People Officer

A healthy, much needed, kick-in-the-ass.

Trendy business magazines, beanie wearing bloggers and Linkedin Thought leaders like to preach work-life balance. Yet, all their content is focused on the former: work. The reality is that being a founder is hard. That's why a good portion of our content is focused on your mental, physical and emotional health…not your goddamn productivity.

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"Joining LVC/LABS felt like finding my tribe. Smart people, real talk, and an atmosphere that makes the startup grind a lot more enjoyable."

Hemanshu Patel - North Castle Ventures

Rant, rave, riff, repeat.

With LVC/LABS we are creating a community that cultivates deeper connection and good conversation over a “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” networking mentality. Sure. One-of-a-kind job opportunities will arise and masterminds will form. But, only organically, as a side-effect, of treating one another as a means in and of themselves and not a means to something else.

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"LVC/LABS is my go-to place for untangling tough problems. The community is genuine, the advice is solid, and the energy is just right."

Bryan Elsesser - Upsided

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Learn how to angel invest and get a chance to invest as little as $1k into community-led, pre-vetted deal flow.

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Access long-term philosophies, frameworks and strategies to build an A-team where badassery becomes the norm.

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