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What is the Robinhood Investor Index?
Multiples of Invested Capital (MOIC)
LEON Founder Potential Index
The Founder Potential Score is a key component of the LEON Insights Report. It evaluates a founder's potential to significantly influence a company's growth and success.

This metric is an aggregate score that considers attributes such as leadership, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, adaptability, salesmanship, and effectiveness.

The Founder Potential Score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm developed by LEON that combines the responses from the 3-minute survey with our extensive database of founder metrics.

It is designed to provide a holistic and insightful measure of a founder's capability and potential within a startup environment.
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Yes, we do it all, at no charge to you. No equity compensation, no fees, saving you time, effort and money.

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Refer awesome startups our way, and get paid a whopping 50% of carry.

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Not yet an accredited investor? Most groups won't let you in. We pay for your Series 65 exam fee.

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Members use LVC/LAB as an onramp into fundraising and investing.

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