Regardless of your specific investment focus, LEON is here to help you transform your strategies by leveraging the power of founder potential insights throughout the investment lifecycle.

Venture Capital

Identify and benchmark high-potential startups based on a comprehensive understanding of founder potential.

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Human Capital Advisors

Incorporate founder potential data into your offerings to provide comprehensive and solutions for your clients.

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Private Equity and M&A

Optimize your investment strategies by incorporating founder potential insights to drive growth and mitigate risks.

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Access proprietary science-and evidence-based methodologies on understanding founder potential risks before investing.

At LEON, our mission is to revolutionize investment strategies by providing comprehensive founder potential insights tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We've designed our platform and founder assessment diligence services to support a diverse range of investment professionals, including Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, and Human Capital Consultants.

Discover how our innovative approach can help you unlock the full potential of your investments.
"The diligence required to understand the impact of a founding team is more significant than ever and it would be silly to try to do it without a team like LEON."
Brad Wilkins
Chief People Officer, Braven Capital
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Venture Capital Firms: Identify High-Potential Startups

LEON empowers venture capital firms to identify high-potential startups based on a comprehensive understanding of their founder potential. Our platform provides invaluable insights during the early-stage investment process, helping you uncover hidden relationships within the data and predict potential outcomes.

• Comprehensive understanding of startups' founder potential

• Uncover hidden relationships and predict potential outcomes

• Data-driven investment decisions for long-term success

• Monitor investments' founder potential throughout their growth journey

Human Capital Advisors: Optimizing Workforce Strategies and Talent Management

Our platform offers human capital consultants the founder potential insights they need to help organizations optimize their workforce strategies, leadership development, and talent management.

• Advanced analytics to optimize clients' strategies

• Seamless integration of diverse data sources for a comprehensive view

• Identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for growth

• Generate actionable recommendations and expert guidance for improved founder potential

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Private Equity Firms: Driving Growth and Reducing Risks

For private equity firms, our platform serves as a powerful tool for optimizing investment strategies by incorporating founder potential insights. We support due diligence and M&A processes by conducting in-depth analysis and comparison of key founder potential metrics against industry and regional peers.

• Unlock investment success with our platform that helps you optimize strategies and make informed decisions.

• Optimize investment strategies with founder potential insights

• Support due diligence and M&A processes with in-depth analysis

• Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement

• Continuous data collection and monitoring for enhanced decision-making

Due-Diligence Support FAQ

LEON opens up the black box of founder diligence, providing a sophisticated, insightful, and data-driven perspective on its influence on your investments' fund performance.

How does LEON support the buy side due-diligence process for private equity firms?

LEON provides comprehensive founder potential insights that help PE firms evaluate potential investments more effectively. Our platform enables firms to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within target companies' founding teams, leading to better-informed investment decisions and risk mitigation.

How does LEON support the sell side due-diligence process for private equity firms?

LEON offers valuable insights into the founder potential of portfolio companies, which can be used to showcase their strengths and address areas of concern. These insights can be instrumental in attracting potential buyers and maximizing the value of the transaction.

How does LEON help VC firms constantly assess and track founder potential for their investments?

Our platform offers real-time monitoring and reporting features, enabling VC firms to keep a close eye on the founder potential of their portfolio companies. This allows them to proactively identify and address potential issues, thereby optimizing their investments' performance.

Can LEON's insights be shared with portfolio companies to support their growth and development?

Absolutely! LEON's founder potential insights can be shared with portfolio companies to help them understand their strengths and areas for improvement, ultimately fostering growth and long-term success.

How does LEON help HR advisory firms offer better founder potential assessment services?

LEON equips HR advisory firms with actionable insights and data-driven recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of founder potential. These insights enable advisory firms to provide targeted and effective services, helping their clients optimize founding team strategies, leadership development, and talent management.

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